Thursday, May 26, 2016

Event #2: In Focus: Electric!


The J. Paul Getty Museum right here in Los Angeles is quite possibly my favorite museum. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I have been to the Getty many many times and each time I find the experience to be more and more intriguing. I was beyond excited when I realized we could attend the exhibitions from the Getty for our event assignments, and knew I had to attend In Focus: Electric! 


The exhibition embodied many of the themes covered in our Unit 3 topic of Robotics + Art, especially the topics of industrialization and the invention of photography. In Unit 3 we discussed the large influence industrialization had on science and art, and how it was able to redefine the relationship between the two. Industrialization was and still is so incredibility important to the field of art, science, and technology. There were endless beneficial inventions created in the industrial age, like photography and moving images, that we still use and value so much today. Industrialization has shaped not only shaped the way we look at art, but the way we live our lives every single day. 


The In Focus: Electric! exhibition highlights 39 truly beautiful historic photographs, as well as more recent artworks, of artificial illumination. Like the topics discussed in Unit 3, this exhibition describes how electrical innovations and photography as a result of industrialization transformed our lives and our experience of light.  This exhibition focuses on how light and electricity have changed throughout the years, and how photographers used this changing idea of light to create amazing artworks. The exhibition also touches on the fact that electricity changed the way we look at darkness, and how the need for constant illumination gave rise to more industrial inventions. 


Overall, I was very happy I was able to attend this exhibition. The exhibition expanded my knowledge on industrialization, photography, and artificial light, and I found it also expanded my knowledge of our class topic of technology and art. I encourage everyone, students or not, to attend this event because quite frankly all the pieces are really awesome. If you cannot attend the exhibition, I believe everyone should still read its description on this site: (
exhibitions/focus_electric/electric_gallery_text.pdf). This exhibition will transform the way you look at light and darkness. 

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